Asherah : Background

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Asherah : Background

Post by Jaiks on Tue Jun 21, 2016 4:14 pm

Name:  Asherah Baan  “Ash”
Species: Togruta
Age: 24
Born: Nar Shaddaa
Raised: In part on Level 88,  The Defiant Kybuck (archaeological ship), and various outer rim and core planets during digs and queries.

Knowledge Skills – Underworld, lore, outer rim, xenology
Technical Skills - Computers, slicing, security protocols, code breaking

Asherah was born to a prominant archaeologist who instilled in his daughter;  a love of adventure, a thirst for knowledge and ... an obsession with credits.    Vanzyk Baan was both skilled in his trade and a bit infamous among those who might seek long lost (and sometimes forbidden) tech, lore or relics from the past.   In the shadows of the universe' underworld, Baan was a name that triggered potential.

Ash was taking along for the ride on all of these adventures, so she learned her way around a ship, around a dig site, and around security-- avoidance of attention, combined with skirting the Empire and the officials, meant she learned a trick or two to help her dad along the way.

She became a talented slicer, which, combined with her knack for research and knowledge of old lore, meant that she could easily fill her father's shoes one day and take over the trade.    So she became a regular at all the usual hot spots for where goods might unload and be passed from seller to seller to buyer.    Probably the most frequented spot was Nar Shaddaa's Level 88.

This is where she would come to know Jaik Drayson and his daughter, along with Joran Rhade and Kraz Sturgec.   Jaik Drayson was a well reputed smuggler, who often ran cargo between her father and their buyer.   During down time on Level 88, it was often left to Jaiks to 'show Asherah around'.   Which, really meant, keep her out of harm's way.  

Asherah would prove difficult to babysit, and a trusted friendship was formed when Ash was pulled from a tight situation by a very intimidating, fist-throwing Jaiks.    With most of her friends on Level 88 being male, Jaiks would come to treat Ash as the big sister she never had- (Ash was a few years older than her) but also as a friend to get into all variety of shenanigans with.

As Vanzyk Baan, Jaik Drayson and the rest of their connections continued their trade, the next generation watched, learned and formed their own trusted alliances.    Joran Rhade, a smuggler and Jaiks' best friend, whose connections to Kraz Sturgec, a bounty hunter apprenticed under the hunter whom sealed a lifelong deal with Jaik Drayson, and now Asherah Baan, researcher, slicer, and procurer or rare knowledges and lores.      All of them befriended, connected, and most importantly, loyal to each other.

"It makes good sense to have eyes and ears in the places your own can't (or shouldn't) be.   Not too many.  Just enough to trust.   Enough that everyone's back gets scratched.    That's how it is with us.   The Krayts of 88!"

(The Krayts of 88 is a name that only Asherah used to reference their small squad of miscreants.   In fact, the others would consistently tell her to NOT get a name started as it drew too much extra attention.)

Outgoing, daring, perhaps too much of a talker.   She's about adventure, and fun, and thrilling exploits.   Finding the next big treasure, or some lost bit of lore, and hiding every last trace of her discovery on it, is what she lives for.  

Sometimes that boldness can get one in trouble, and so it did with her.   She's being blackmailed to send off a sizeable amount of her info to the person who has something on her.   TBD


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